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Retail and Shopping

Online Shop

  • Unlimited online shop
  • Provision-free sales
  • No-competition marketplace
  • Global product database
  • Personal ads / Classifieds
  • Product and content management
  • Currency conversion
  • Billing proxy / escrow

Retail and Office

  • Tax and billing
  • CMS and Inventory management
  • Contacts and resources management
  • B2Customer messenger
  • B2Delivery messenger
  • Crowd delivery and shipment (Fairies)
  • Crowd packaging and pickup

Assisted A.I., Crowdsourcing

Many talk about the A.I. but most of the time it is just a monicker for "we do not understand the process".

With the power of over 17000 humans (Fairies) around the world, can complete simple and complicated tasks for your business.
Combined with intelligent search, communication system, data and product rating you get highly valuable results fast and inexpensive.

Media and Presentation

Photography and Social Media


Full range of services, such as:
  • Webhosting, Online Shop and Marketplace
  • Domain and E-Mail hosting
  • SSL Certificates, Validation

Online Advertising

Advertise in a revolutionary system with over 300,000 members. Uncomplicated fixed advertising costs and 100% reach of the target group. Cash for Ads Viewers feature.

Translation and Editorial

We provide translation and editorial services in following languages:
  • English (US, UK, Simple)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Czech
Any kind of translation from text to automated API / service over HiveMail messenger.

Cloud and Tech

Full Stack Web

  • Servicing, updates, customizing
  • Administration and moderation
  • Blogs, Wordpress, Forums, Galleries
  • DBA for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and others
  • Admin for webservers of all kinds
  • Development under full stack LAMP, WAMP, WISA,...
  • Custom applications and plugins


  • Web, Webservices, Windows Software
  • Android / iOS Apps
  • HTML, JavaScript
  • C/C++ / C# / VB.NET
  • Automotive, Realtime and mission critical software
  • Experience in pharma-software and requirements
  • Driver and Firmware development

Cloud Services

  • Cloud computing / webhosting
  • Transparent load balance web and SQL
  • Cloud storage services
  • Cloud PC, Terminal Server Clients (incl. Windows 10 und Windows Server)
  • Photo Gallery / Customer's gallery and blog
  • Printing services (US, EU)

YuliApp® New Media, SW Engineers, Photographers

Las Palmas / Spain
Baden-Würtemberg / Germany
Fax: +49 (0) 7042 83 999 00

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