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YuliApp® is the most effective business-to-customer matching App in the world.

buy • sell • deliver

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YuliApp works on mobile devices as good as it works on web browser. Always up to date, without ads and you come back where you left wherever you started, regardless if it is your TV, computer, phone or tablet.

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YuliApp connects customers and shops nearby

(and that regardless of if the shop uses Internet or not)

Order Anything
Product or service, worldwide

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Provision-free, zero monthly costs

Direct message between customer, manufacturer, shop or delivery
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New products and services

Photoshooting von Yuli
in Fotografie

Mosquito Net

Burger King Double Steakhouse
in Burger

Photo Print on Canvas 90x60cm
in Printing

Burger King King Fries
in Burger

We want you to have more free time

But that is not all...
  • It's like Uber for food and stuff, eBay for a leisure
  • Support of local delivery and businesses, not global giants
  • Provision-free online shop with built in delivery service
  • A tool for artists and service providers to be seen and sell
  • Schedule, tickets and bookings online
  • Classified ads
  • Messenger App directly between delivery, shop and customers
  • Shopping for dreams: enter what you want to buy, instead looking through the offers

YuliApp aims to improve your family time without changing your habbits or sacrificing comfort.

Read More in the Blog

Read more in the blog, stay with us in touch over social media or contact us to get you started with YuliApp for your business or personal shopping needs.