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SlowFeeding Optimal Pony, C-mesh

SlowFeeding SMHN Original
Pet Store / Corner Feeder

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SlowFeeding nets of superior quality.

Type: Corner Feeder Extraordinary
Model: Optimal Pony C
Mesh: C
Capacity kg/lbs: 8/20

Optimal Pony is my, by far, best and most effective SlowFeeding solution for ponies. Super effective slow feeding, absolutely no wasted hay what so ever, perfectly naturally relaxed eating angles (straight forward and from the top down), very hygienic, quick and easy to fill and clean out. Tested on the worst Houdini hooligan that had to give up. Withstands being pushed all the way into the corner without being damaged. Can be mounted from 2 feet off the floor for small ponies. Replaceable net lids with 5 different mesh sizes. This 4cm = 1 5/8” mesh is the standard and recommended mesh size.

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