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Slow Feeding

Hay Sack HS-Serie

Slow Feeding
Pet Store/Horses

1x Piece for 30,00 €
incl. 19,0% VAT

Hay sacks with a flat bottom. The large opening makes them very much easier to fill compared to flat nets.

5 sizes:
HS5kg, Diameter 50cm, Height50, draw string. Not for continous feeding but can work in the trailer.
HS10kg, Diameter 50cm, Height 90cm, draw string. Perfect hanging in the corner.
HS15kg, Diameter 75cm, Height 90cm, draw string. Filler's favorite.
HS25kg, Diameter 100cm, Height 105cm, closing hook, stilll possible to move when full.
HS45kg, Diameter 115cm, Height 90cm, forms a very big ball quite hard to move for 1 person when full.

Diameter = 80cm, Height 80cm
Available in 3 mesh sizes.
Drawstring for easy closing and hanging.

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