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StartupValley Article

Posted: 16.05.2018 22:17

Get a free Shop, App and Sales Gallery in 5min

-YuliApp announced free digital sale and delivery gallery.

On YuliApp you can sell tickets for your websites or even get full art gallery with membership features for free

Posted: 24.03.2018 4:42

African Campaign

-YuliApp CEO Yulia announced campaign to network african shops. Read more in the attached press-release and link below.


Posted: 17.03.2018 2:20

Over 20,000 users in 3 months

-Thank You everybody for hard work, we reached almost 21000 users and 300 shops in just 3 months before even starting with advertising!
Posted: 16.03.2018 10:00

Start-up pays users to view ads

-Start-up from Germany pays out to users for viewing ads

On YuliApp are no ads. Well unless you want them, and you probably will…

YuliApp wants to change the world again and creates the new era of advertising!

All YuliApp users can enable the advertisement as an option and select topics or interests.

Posted: 11.03.2018 21:34

For everybody for women's day

-As a present for everybody for women's day
YuliApp unveils new social network, 7 TB photo gallery, messenger and more free design for custom shops.

Happy Women's Day everybody
Posted: 08.03.2018 23:22

We need you for Bachelor/Master Project!

Posted: 01.03.2018 10:44

Badewelt Tickets

-You can now buy tickets and gift certificates for Badewelt Sinsheim and others over YuliApp.

Posted: 23.02.2018 23:00

On popular demand

-On popular demand we added product variations.

Now you can add up to 4 product variations, like color, size, etc with up to 10 options. Each can have different price.
And same as with all product entries, you can do it while in bath on your phone, not using over complicated import tools.
Posted: 18.02.2018 1:04

YuliApp Releases Free Global Product Database

-With immediate functionality YuliApp releases global product database. Database aiming to collect all products and services under one product code to simplify data entry for small shops and maintain high quality of product data and description by manufacturers.

Content, code assignment and even commercial use of the database is completely free. Database is integrated in shop functionality in YuliApp but can also be accessed by anyone at http://YuliAppPd.com.

Posted: 05.02.2018 18:09

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