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YuliApp wraps the first business year with a PEO

-We've made incredible things in our first year in business. Saved tens of family businesses around the world, even more, will be discovering and starting in next few weeks. We've been delivering medical supplies and even ice cream to nursing homes, helping people repair the car, get married or find a house for their family.

We were developing YuliApp over two years prior to the release and avoided seed and stage A investors and buyout offers. We are very proud of that. We are profitable and on the stable rise.
Our site and app are maybe not yet so pretty, but it is made for professionals, not just to impress investors with shiny material design purchased from third-party template makers. We did it our self and with the view to fast growth and feature expansion.

But it is not enough. It is not enough that YuliApp is profitable and raising 8+% month to month. YuliApp needs to be used more, every day, by everybody. People around the world need to know that there is an alternative to megalomaniacs and global monopoly billionaires getting billions of dollars richer each week.

For this we need you. Tell everybody, that there is YuliApp and start using it for your own business or shopping needs. YuliApp is for everybody and more you know about it, more you will like. Help us to make it THE NEXT BEST THING.

We also have a present for you. We will not be going public until C stage, but offering private stocks and corporate bonds instead. So even if you never were into investment, we made it as simple as it gets and starting at 10€ even as affordable as it gets. Yielding over 7% and with dividends over 1€ a month, you see the benefits also right now.

Treat your self here:

One year later I want to write here, that we have a billion customers from 120 countries and taking 10% of Amazon's core business.

Thank You,
Yulia & the whole YuliApp Team
Posted: 22.06.2018 16:17

Selbststaendigkeit.de Article

Posted: 22.06.2018 10:28

StartupValley Article

Posted: 16.05.2018 22:17

Get a free Shop, App and Sales Gallery in 5min

-YuliApp announced free digital sale and delivery gallery.

On YuliApp you can sell tickets for your websites or even get full art gallery with membership features for free

Posted: 24.03.2018 4:42

African Campaign

-YuliApp CEO Yulia announced campaign to network african shops. Read more in the attached press-release and link below.


Posted: 17.03.2018 2:20

Over 20,000 users in 3 months

-Thank You everybody for hard work, we reached almost 21000 users and 300 shops in just 3 months before even starting with advertising!
Posted: 16.03.2018 10:00

Start-up pays users to view ads

-Start-up from Germany pays out to users for viewing ads

On YuliApp are no ads. Well unless you want them, and you probably will…

YuliApp wants to change the world again and creates the new era of advertising!

All YuliApp users can enable the advertisement as an option and select topics or interests.

Posted: 11.03.2018 21:34

For everybody for women's day

-As a present for everybody for women's day
YuliApp unveils new social network, 7 TB photo gallery, messenger and more free design for custom shops.

Happy Women's Day everybody
Posted: 08.03.2018 23:22

We need you for Bachelor/Master Project!

Posted: 01.03.2018 10:44
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