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-German, Austrian and Swiss customers can now use local gallery, image archive and printing service eChronica.


Global variation follows next week.
Posted: 13.10.2017 1:49

Wake Up

Posted: 10.10.2017 9:00

Small business should have a chance...

-Save the date 17.10.17
Posted: 08.10.2017 17:58

Good night

Posted: 30.09.2017 20:44

Spiritually Your's

-We are now on Patreon for some subprojects:


if You are not already a member, join here:

Posted: 28.09.2017 22:56

Two new depots


Image (c) CC Share
Posted: 27.09.2017 14:21

First International Depot

-First international customers, first international depots being built :-)

Posted: 27.09.2017 13:49


Posted: 26.09.2017 13:41

First Depot is Live

-Our first depot is online.

You can view (and use) it here:


It is responsible for Vaihingen and around (BW, Germany)
Posted: 26.09.2017 3:42

TEDx Aftermath

-This year was TEDx excellent as always. We couldn’t sleep when we came home and had to talk about it a lot. Maybe it was because it was our first live TED, maybe because it was just good.
As for us is “The New Understanding” maybe more fitting then for most businesses, we expected it will help us look at our mission differently, and it was awesome.
As a direct result of the visit, we implemented two new features.
First, there was an excellent proposal by Jonathan Funke about the real value of stuff we buy every day. Our answers to this are:
Feature 1
1. Now you can bid on prices. Up and down. Bid up on a price you think have higher value, to tip the producer, bid down to suggest price reduction. It will be pre-suggested based on rating and your depots to seller depot’s GDP difference.
Bidding on price can be enabled for every original offer, by default is disabled.
2. We upgraded governing power for each depot. For example, registration price, as well as a price for personal ads can be reduced or increased based on what depot manager sees as reasonable for given region or product/service type.
Feature 2
We do not have any ads on YuliApp®, neither third-party nor internal. But the proposal of Shreya Kumar about trying to change the way you do things every day inspired us to do an awesome variation of the idea.
1. For every product, you can now enter motivational/inspirational one-liner. Those can be shown on user’s start page as a suggestion to change your daily habits and to try something new.
This feature is by default disabled
2. The A.I. behind the search engine can propose you to enable the feature once.
3. We will focus in the future more on purpose oriented design than the “this all can be done” technological interface.
One of the things is redesigned shopping cart which is now portable between all devices, shareable with your friends, …
Another example is really working “Go back” link. Which kind of works already on phones (as it is required UI guidelines) but on PC we still fight with it. It will be portable between devices as well…
All the new features are coming to new major update October 1. Beta testers can use them now (yes, it was a long night)
Thank to everybody involved in TEDx and to all speakers. It was inspiring and awesome experience. Hopefully next time from other side of the stage.
We will try to get in touch with those entrepreneurs and share with them our vision soon.
Posted: 24.09.2017 22:29

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