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Empowered, the 2018 YuliApp Calendar

Powerful women are almost synonymous with YuliApp. Even in a modern first world, you should have a chance to present yourself and not follow the rails set for you by the society. Beautiful, strong, concious about their abilities and sensitive to their environment. This is not power gained at any price, this power is a result of an positive action.

YuliApp gives you power, you can use it and make a profit while making the life around you better.
YuliApp is fair, transparent and all provisions are only from effort we have with your sales, even zero in many cases. This means you work for yourself and you will not have to pay extraordinary provisions first.

Like Never Before

Calendar is like nothing ever seen before, just like YuliApp.

Limited 10 pieces are printed on fine art cotton canvas and all 18 pages are 80x60cm big (ca 31in x 23in). This means that there is almost 9m² of finest printed canvas in every calendar.

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Smaller, limited 100 pieces handmade calendar is printed on matt textured fine art paper, ca 44x33cm (ca 17in x 12in) or A4 and contains 15 pages.

12 Months, Cover and 2-5 Bonus Months

Each month stays on its own as frameable art, together they make an unique collectable present. Contains 15 resp. 18 unique photos showing also most successful YuliApp fairies with a strong message for the owner.

Present or Purchase

Calendars are given to unique people as thank-you for supporting YuliApp, sold on special auctions and are available for purchase on YuliApp.
Purchase entitles access to unique outtakes gallery and internal story magazine.

Profit from the calendar is used to build new depots and promote YuliApp in less developed countries.
All displayed fairies, Yulia and photographer (Jonathan M. Hofmann) donated their effort for the calendar as well.

Fine art nude photography 18+, for privacy reason and to increase the unique value of owning an oldfashioned hardcopy are only non-nude outtakes displayed on the web.

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