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Bahlsen cocoa cream

double crackers with cocoa cream
1x Piece for 0,89 €

Brezelino classic

On the move or on celebrations.
1x Piece for 1,79 €

Emoji crackers

Are you bleak or happy? Say ist with crackers!
125x g for 1,19 €

Peppermint bonbon

With peppermint.
1x kg for 3,99 €

Fruity coke-sticks

toothsome fruity coca-cola sticks
85x g for 0,79 €

Fruit juice Mini-bear

Mini bear, great taste!
500x g for 3,39 €

Gift box 3D - all best

For Birthday, wedding or for another celebration.
50x g for 2,99 €

Gum bear - cake

For every convenience, birthday, anniversary..
460x g for 9,95 €

Lisa's potato chips

elementary but fascinating
110x g for 1,79 €

Loacker Tortina Mini Dark

Mini cake, peanuts cream with chocolate inside tasty waffel.
90x g for 3,29 €

M&M's Peanut

toothsome peanut and chocolate
330x g for 2,99 €

Ritter Sport mini

together taste
big choice
1x Piece for 5,49 €

Sweet gift - all best

For birthday, wedding or anything else
50x g for 1,99 €

heart mixture

heart mix
without gelatine
500x g for 3,29 €