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Baby nurture packet

Collection for Babies
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Bread - wheat

Every day fresh
From baker by Illingen
1x Selection for 6,00 €

Fresh egg - natural

Shop with fresh eggs
1x Selection for 6,00 €

Vegetable daily packet

Vegetable daily packet according choice
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Vegetable - regional

Ecological with support to local shops
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Drinkables - Bio Juice

Bio quality
Fruit juice
Vegetable juice
1x Selection for 9,00 €

Käse - Abo

Für alle Käseabos gilt: Die kleinste Kiste kostet 8€. Sie können die Menge in 2,50€ Schritten Ihrem persönlichen Bedarf anpassen bis 15,50€.
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Natural product

Paste ware, rice, tomato products, herbage and more
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Fruit and vegetable - Flexproduct - daily packet

Fruit - most raw eatable
Vegetable - raw, boiled or canned eatable
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Fruit - regional

Fruit according to period
1x Selection for 8,00 €


Fruit daily packet according choice
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Packet with profitable diet

Profitable diet for stomach and intestine
1x Selection for 8,00 €

Wine - bio quality

Our collection - from Germany to Italy, France and Spain
1x Selection for 15,00 €