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YuliApp connects customers and manufacturers directly.

YuliApp is the largest free network connecting original producers, family shops, artists and inventors with their customers around the world.

Buy directly from producers

for low, fair prices

In usual retail or online-shop less than 30% of what you pay, ends in producer's hands.
Whatever you need, we connect you directly with family shops, servicemen and manufacturers around you or even worldwide if needed.

Offer your products or services

with high, fair profit

Skip dealers, marketplaces and supermarkets.
Sell your goods to customers around the World without sharing your profit with monopolistic giants.

Work for YuliApp

Fairy saves the city where she lives

Real human Fairies picks up where artificial intelligence based matching ends.
Fairies not only help you to find what you need, but also deliver or package and ship products.
Fairies help to both shops and customers.