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YuliApp connects customers and shops nearby

Order anything
By YuliApp You can order anything. From a bread in your favourite bakery to a car from Germany. World-wide.
And if You are unsure, ask our support team (Shopping Fairies) to help.
Create a shop
YuliApp offers provision free online-shop. Yes, it sounds awesome, but it gets better...
  • zero recurring monthly costs
  • access to global product database
  • direct communication between you and your customers
  • Price negotiating options
  • built-in delivery
  • and much more
Speaking of delivery... Get the best job in the world!
YuliApp has the most modern delivery, shopping fairies of the public. Probably a job every UPS or DHL employee wants to have as a hobby.
Classified ads - redefined
Buy and sell privately with zero provision. And on top of that, our support actively seeks to sell stuff for you, contacting people who are interested in what you are offering.
Artists and Photographers
Many artists and photographers make assignments over YuliApp.
YuliApp helps scheduling your booking and plan your projects. Last but not least, our artists also enjoy the unlimited gallery and print service.
Book a Coiffeur
With YuliApp it is easy to not only to buy product but also book and schedule service providers and contracts.
Payment methods matching your business
YuliApp accepts all common payment methods, including cash on delivery.
Zero ads and no privacy issues
We have replaced all ads and self-promotion with subscription based commercials.
If You enable ads, you get paid to watch them. No usage data are shared between shops or other users either.
Communication is everything
YuliApp Messenger connects you directly with manufacturers, delivery employees and shops.
Worldwide, but focused on you and those around you
As YuliApp grows more and more depots around the world appear. Depots are representative groups of customers and shops based on location or interests. You pick those which interest you and everything gets as personal as walking on a shopping street.
Free photo gallery
Every user has unlimited space for personal photos or product photos from your own shop.
We want you to have more free time
Opening hours can be reduced to minimum while packages are delivered when customers are at home.
Artificial intelligence helps in optimizing resources and saves time of everybody. More free time means more motivation, power and even money to do what you want to do with your life.
Watch our videos
Watch our videos with funny explanation how the YuliApp works :-).

Read More in the Blog

Read more in the blog, stay with us in touch over social media or contact us to get you started with YuliApp for your business or personal shopping needs.