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Investor Relations

We in YuliApp have one simple goal:

"We want to crowd source the online market place"

The Global Problem

Family business and small producers around The Globe have a same problem. They are slowly being extinct.
They cannot compete against global giants like Amazon.
This situation is same for Germany, USA, China or Africa, in fact for every country on the Earth.

Why We Should Care

If power about anything we do in our lives, is in hands few powerfull people and companies around the world, our lifes look exactly so, how they want it. Our freedom, lifestyle, options for education, hobbies,...
Why would I study what have been in my family for years, trying to do best carpets in the world, when Amazon tells everybody to buy machine produced polyester joke?
How can I tell people about my inventions when I cannot even afford ads or huge provision on sales?
How can I try to find a job I like, not hating every Monday, when everything I do feeds rich global companies.

This affects us all, our children and everybody we care about, now and in the future.

The Local Solution

You come for prices, stay for the options and experience.
YuliApp is a global company but focused on local markets. Everything you do, you do to support the community where you live.
  • Small shops pay no provision, so they keep all the profit from sales.
    Higher profit means they can compete with global companies whithout feeding banks, service providers like Amazon, payment processors like Paypal, Visa and so on.
    Often over 50% more profit means better and cheaper product.
  • Producers can offer their product City-, Country-, World-wide without any effort.
    Bigger market for products and services means lower prices and bigger choice.
    In many cases, chance to sell for the whole city instead of just to "walking by" customers could save that unique donut shop you liked as a kid.
  • YuliApp does not need the shop to cooperate. Already now many shops sell on YuliApp without even knowing.
    All it need is customer wanting their product or a patron/shopping fairy or depot owner who believes in what he does.
    This is what we do:
    Zero hassle online shop, puts 90 year old baker on the internet. And he does not know what is the Internet. He still loves those 10 YuliApp Messenger "Thank You's" a day though.
  • It is all about the communication. You can contact or tip the producer or your delivery fairy directly. Communication opens completely different experience with shopping.
    Discuss the price of your lawn mowing, before it is purchased. Auction your skills or something you just enjoy to do. YuliApp is a Bazaar you always wanted.

Income Stays Where it is Generated

YuliApp is thought through to be light weight and low effort company. As of now, our existing infrastructure can support over milion sales a day and tens milions of active customers.
For this reason we also do not need huge sale provision.

So how could we afford all that and being profitable right from the day one? YuliApp's income is generated from three sources.
  • Per-Sale Profit - Though there is no sale profit per se, we charge shopping fairies about 1-10% of shipping / delivery costs per shopping cart (split between YuliApp and the depot).
    This reduces administative effort with sales and provisions to minimum and adds costs to where they belong, not hidden in the product price but as add-on luxury (for example for express delivery, higher distances, etc). Fee is up to 1000 times smaller per completed sale then in common online marketplaces, but still big enough that depots are motivated to work for their communities, and in the future even have full time delivery employees.
  • Big Shops - Though small shops and providers have YuliApp completely free, big shops can opt to move all their online-existence to YuliApp for a one time fee.
    Huge costs for IT are with that move almost eliminated but the move to YuliApp will force them to compete on market where quality wins.
  • Cooperation - instead of advertising (which is not present on YuliApp) companies can purchase visibility credits.
    Fans of their products can opt-in to be informed about anything new or interesting. All other forms of news-letter or direct marketing is forbidden.
Big shop registrations generate most of the income we will need to expand too. Every new big shop means more customers and additional income. More about provision can be found in the presentation below... Shopping fairies do the customer interaction, depots manage each location, cities and we, in YuliApp support them all with our technology.
If Linux, the most popular server system on the world can relly on the community and very few employees, then online market place actually generating profit for everybody, can do the same.

Invest in Your Community, Help Us to Give Everybody a Fair Chance

Ready to support the most interesting project of 2018? Help community around the globe and city where you live? Give back a little if you can? We want too and have a great tool for that.

We are a startup from Germany and trying to make everyting right, right from the start:
  • Completely self funded
  • Simple, flat management hierarchy
  • All know-how internally developped and maintained
  • No loans or credits
  • No crazy expenses
  • All employees share interest and are motivated
  • You can read more about us here

How can You Help?

We are looking for partners and seed stage / angel investor around the world.
Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in investing or cooperation with YuliApp®.

You are not logged in. Registered investors can login here to read more inside and investor's information.
Help us do the right thing for the world we live in.
We are just at the beginning of our long journey and profit is not our top priority at this moment, so any help from independent investors is welcome! We are privately owned so company shares as well as venture funding is an option.

Nonfinancial Support

  • As a depot owner, you can help by building community around the city you live
  • Shopping Fairy not only is awesome job, but also a way to help people and our idea
  • Recommend us to businesses you like and spread the word about us.

Small Investors and Donations

Please contact us if you want to support YuliApp® or some of it's subprojects, expansion to your country or specific feature fitting your needs.
If you like the idea of YuliApp, you can also donate any amount to our Paypal or Kickstarter account.

YuliApp on KickStarter
YuliApp on Patreon
YuliApp on IndieGOGO

Part of our technology and software environment is donated by Microsoft. 

Investor's News / Blog

Posted: 28.09.2017 22:57

New Understanding

-You can meet us at TEDx Stuttgart, 23.09. More Information here http://www.tedxstuttgart.com/events/2017-2/
Posted: 28.07.2017 3:04

Product Feature Release Schedule

Minor Version 1.1
• Bookings, downloads
• Android App with location / distance
• Global Product Database release
• More social marketing

Minor Version 1.2
• Japanese locale support
• Automatic product categorization
• Rating (products, shops)
• Comments (products, shops)
• Amazon and eBay plugin

Minor Version 1.3
• Time off for bug fixes
  and safety
• Preparing for server farm upgrade
• A.I. Screening for fairies and registrations
• A.I. Screening for new products

Major Version 2.0
• Server 2016
• SQL Server 2016
• NLP Search
• Built-in text translator

YuliApp® The Global Local Shop for Everything

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