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Behind the YuliApp®

YuliApp® Logo Change the world, one shop, one customer at a time
YuliApp® is an online service and mobile app best described as cloud shop, effortlessly connecting the local shops with their customers worldwide.

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Der Turm

Der Turm For the uninitiated, it might look like a British villain's lair, but the reality is way more subtle. YuliApp's HQ tower is a place with an awesome view to relax and work.
The Tower is located in a small city of Vaihingen in the south Germany (Baden-Würtemberg) which offers very good conditions for startups, especially internet connection, affordable space and many competent people in all branches thanks to Porsche and Daimler headquarters and manufacturing plants nearby.

Die Burg

Die Burg Our data and experience with cloud computing go back to 2007 with few large projects, like PhotoChronica and various online shops our management worked for as contractors.
We care for our server farms and backup encrypted data on 3 continents. We do not use third party cloud service providers as we prefer complete control over data we manage. One can say that place where our management live and work symbolises, how we care about data. Old school robust, but still at the top of what you can get.
Your data are safe here.

Das Büro

The Office Still work in progress but as we grow, this 200m² of awesomeness in Der Turm is where all the magic happens. Enough place for all the servers and support staff and inspiring enough to help us enjoying every day at work.
Our daily training routine is done already by reaching it in the morning as we refuse to use a lift :-).

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